Travelling Fellowship

The BRITSpA Travelling Fellowship aims to provide a unique opportunity for ongoing learning and further professional development with leading experts in recognised centres (other than your own).

The BRITSpA Travelling fellowship is open to all members who wish to travel for a short stay to a rheumatology unit either in the UK or abroad to further their knowledge and best practice in any aspects related to the treatment of Spondyloarthritis. Each successful Fellowship will be awarded a maximum of £1,000.

If you would like to apply, please download and complete the following BRITSpA Travelling Fellowship application and submit to


Awarded BRITSpA Travelling Fellowships

2019 BRITSpA Travelling Fellowships

  • Dr Steven Zhao (Liverpool) travelling to Leeds, UK.
  • The Leeds Spondyloarthritis Team (Leeds) travelling to Bath, UK.
  • Dr Xavier Michelena Vegas (Leeds) travelling to Bochum and Berlin, Germany.

2020 BRITSpA Travelling Fellowships

  • Dr Carol McCrum (East Sussex) travelling to Lancanshire, Salford, Gloucester, Portsmouth, UK
  • Dr Gabriele De Marco (Leeds) travelling to Copenhagen, Denmark.