Professor Dennis McGonagle, from the University of Leeds received the prestigious 68th Pemberton Lecture Award in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on Sept 25th 2018. The award, bestowed from the Philadelphia Rheumatism Society, the oldest regional Reumatology Society in North America was given for his pioneering research into the micro-anatomical and immunological basis of the peculiar pattern of joint and tissue inflammation seen in the seronegative Spondyloarthritides. These group of disease affect over 1% of the population and which were defined originally in Leeds during the 1970s by Yorkshire rheumatologists Professor Verna Wright and Dr John Moll.   The Pemberton lecture is named after Professor Ralph Pemberton, MD who was the first American physician fully dedicated to the rheumatic diseases and a founding member and first President of the original American Rheumatism Association in the 1930s.   Following the lecture, Professor McGonagle was presented with a commemorative plaque by Dr Antoine Sreih, President of the Philadelphia Rheumatism Society.