At this year´s Annual General Meeting of BRITSpA, held during the Annual Scientific Meeting on 21st September, we are seeking to elect two new members to the Executive Committee.

At the same meeting we shall be proposing to alter the Bylaws by inserting a clause that will ensure that at least one member of the Executive Committee will be an allied health professional, to reflect to some extent the membership of the charity.  We hope, therefore that amongst the nominations there will be at least one AHP.

Therefore we are seeking nominations from members able to demonstrate a level of academic expertise and commitment to the fields of service development, research and education, supported by a proposer and seconder, both of whom must be BRITSpA members. At the AGM, each nominee will be asked to give a five minute presentation to describe his/her credentials for election.

Please complete the attached nomination form, including signatures of the nominee (electronic signatures acceptable), proposer and seconder, and return it by 31st August 31st 2017 to: