The DyNAMISM study is a large multi-centre study to determine whether NSAIDs use
influences MRI findings in axial spondyloarthritis.  Participants undergo a 1wk wash-out of
NSAIDs prior to an MRI scan, after which they return to normal medication.  Those who scan
positive without NSAIDs are invited for a second MRI after 6wks of returning to NSAID

We are currently looking to identify possible recruiting centres.  The study is on the NIHR
portfolio (so research nurse support is covered) and the costs of MRI (unless clinically
indicated) are also covered by the study.

Further information is available from:

Any questions, queries, or expressions of interest, either to Gareth Jones (chief investigator: or Karen Forrest Keenan (study co-ordinator:

Dr Gareth Jones
Reader of Epidemiology
Epidemiology Group, University of Aberdeen, UK