The 2017 SpA SIG had an excellent program put together by the chairs Professor Bruce Kirkham and Dr Antoni Chan. 

The program included a clear and precise overview of the clinical management of Uveitis in Spondyloarthritis from Professor Susan Lightman, consultant ophthalmologist at the Moorfields Eye Hospital in London. 

This was followed by Dr Pedro Machado, Consultant rheumatologist at UCL, who produced a detailed analysis and overview on current data relating to co-morbidities in ax-SpA.  

Dr Andrew Keat, chairman of BRITSpA then gave an update on all BRITSpA activities over the last 12 months and Prof Bruce Kirkham then did the same for BRITPact. 

Finally Dr Donal O’ Shea from University College Dublin gave a fascinating insight into the interaction and relationship between the immune system and obesity and potential links with inflammatory disease.