Anual Scientific Meeting

Annual Scientific Meeting 2017

BRITsPA - 3rd Annual Scientific Meeting 20th and 21th September 2017 - Hilton Metropole, Birmingham Know more ---> here

Wednesday 20th September 2017

Nicky Goodson with Jon Packham and Louise Warburton
NICE guideline on SpA treatment
Gary Macfarlane
Latest data from BSRBR-AS and associated studies - BSRBR PsA - The current state of play
Mohammad Derakhshan and Stefan Siebert
Analysis of COMOSpA data
Chair: Stefan Siebert Proposers: Toni Chan and Laura Coates Against: Lesley Kay and Will Tillett
Debate: This house believes that treatment of SpA patients should be based on a 'treat-to-target' approach.

Thursday 21st September 2017

Paul Wordsworth
Genetic profiling in SpA
Xenofon Baraliakos
Predictors of radiographic progression in -axSpA
Jonathan Sherlock
Update on IL-23 and enthesitis
Lettie Bishop
Mini-symposium on exercise & lifestyle/behaviour changes: The effect of exercise on inflammation
Claire Jeffries
Mini-symposium on exercise & lifestyle/behaviour changes: Which exercise is best for people with AS
Paul Aveyard
Mini-symposium on exercise & lifestyle/behaviour changes: How to get people to exercise - lessons from smoking and obesity
Ben Thompson
Should conventional DMARDs and anti-TNF agents be combined in treating peripheral and axial SpA?
Colin Beevor
What should a good AS clinic do?
Danny Murphy
Primary care view of axSpA
Debbie Cook
Update from NASS
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